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Annual Export Value


Bottles exported every second


Markets Whisky Shipped to around the world


Of Scottish food and drinks export is Whisky

Experts In The Water Of Life

Whisky Investment UK is part of the Silvercrest Energy Group established in 2011 and is approved and licenced by HMRC to store both bulk and casked Whisky in duty suspense at any approved Scottish warehouse.


Good returns from whisky maturation have been achieved for decades. Our specialist acquisitions team source the best casks for our clients portfolio, allowing private investors to buy quality casks at wholesale prices.

And our world class team ensures that when you come to sell, we will quickly secure the best price for you. We’ll even buy your cask from you, making selling as easy as possible for our clients!

Our Philosophy


Stock Market Safe

Investment not connected to the stock market in anyway

Physical Asset

Own a Physical Asset stored in a secure HMRC Bonded Warehouse

Investment Grade

Investment Grade Insured Asset providing peace of mind

Some Benefits

To Whisky Investment with Us

Specialist Cask Stockist

We are an approved specialist cask stockist that are licensed to store casks from various distilleries in any approved HMRC Scottish warehouse. Our key focus is helping you build your perfect, bespoke Whisky cask portfolio.

Premium Investment Partner

Our mission at Whisky Investment UK is to make whisky cask investment easier for investors.

Great return per annum

Good returns from whisky maturation have been achieved for decades. Our specialist acquisitions team source the best casks for our client's portfolio, allowing private investors to buy quality casks at wholesale prices.

Invest in Whisky



1 - Download the Free Brochure

Get informed & understand your goals

2 - Build Your Ideal Portfolio

Our team helps craft bespoke portfolios

3 - Review and Make Your Payment

Once payment is made you will be allocated a cask and sent ownership documentation.

4 - Visit Your Cask

We arrange regular trips to both distilleries and warehouses to visit your casks and take home a sample. 

5 - Sell, Drink, Gift, Hold

Your cask, your choice. We can help you every step of way

Our Philosophy


With an export value of £4.9bn per annum, Scotch Whisky represents 70% of all Scottish Food and Drink Exports. That’s 36 bottles of Scotch Whisky exported every single second.

While individual distilleries vary, the major deciding factor in the size of your return, is time. If you can hold your Scotch for ten or more years, you’re much more likely to see a far greater return on investment.

Start Investing in Whisky! Today!

Your Whisky Investment Partner

As an Investment Partner through Whisky Investment UK we can assure you:


You’re not reliant on a single fund manager or company to perform.


If the bonded warehouse goes bust, it has no impact on your investment.


It’s fully insured against theft, accidental damage.


You own individual whisky casks 100% outright.


Casks are stored in secure HMRC government bonded warehouses.


There’s no VAT to pay as duty’s suspended.


The Whisky Investment UK guide will teach you all you need to know about the world of whisky, from expanding your knowledge to making your first investment.

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Mick Tomlinson
Mick Tomlinson
After searching several whisky…
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After searching several whisky companies online, I choose to go through Whisky Investment UK as I found them very easy to deal with. Not at all pushy they was very patient as this was the first time buying a whisky barrel. Been over a month and have had several updates.
Steve Ridgley
Steve Ridgley
A big thanks for our first whisky…
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A big thanks for our first whisky barrel purchase. We look forward to meeting you in Scotland this November. Cheers 🥃
Alan Reeves
Alan Reeves
No captial gains tax is a huge bonus
Read More
The process was very easy, they answered all my questions, I was just a little confused as to why they needed to carry out an Anti Money laundering check as it was under £5,000. I plan to buy a few casks over the coming years the closer I get to retirement as I like the idea of no capital gains tax.

Whisky Investment UK Survey

As an approved WOWGR licensee, we have the privilege of storing both bulk and cask Whisky in duty suspense at any HMRC approved Scottish warehouse. Currently, we have close to two hundred casks available in stock from various distilleries located in Islay, Speyside, the Islands, Highlands, and Lowlands for our clients to purchase.

However, the question remains: which cask is the right one for you?

To aid in this decision-making process, we have designed the Whisky survey below.  Your responses will enable our team of experts to tailor their recommendations based on your specific needs.

We look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect cask.


Email Address

Phone Number

What would you like to keep your budget under?

What age of cask would be of interest?

How long would you like to hold the cask for?

Is there a particular whisky producing region you would prefer?

Thank you for completing our Survey. Your responses will help assist us provide the best service to you.